9/11/2015 Tailgate Event in Westlake!
 You're invited to tailgate with Lakeside and the Westlake Rams Cheerleaders!
Friday, September 18, 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Westlake Branch: 2203 Sampson Street
2/27/2013 Repurpose your Refund

Tax season is here, and if you are one of the lucky ones, you may get a tax refund this year. Whether you’ve already received it or are eagerly awaiting it, it’s tempting to view this refund as "free money,” but keep in mind, this is really just your money that the government is returning, so you should not necessarily treat it as a windfall, according to Christa Comeaux, assistant vice president with Lakeside Bank.

9/12/2012 Psychology of an Overspender
 The logistics of keeping a healthy bank account seem easy enough. It makes logical sense that you should spend less than what you have to keep your account from going in the red. Yet every day an otherwise financially comfortable account-holder will find that the negatives have snuck into their bank accounts and even they’ll scratch their heads, wondering what happened.
6/13/2012 Choose the Right Banker for your Business
 If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to grow a business. The small business world is not for the faint of heart – the recipe for success typically requires a team of support that extends far beyond the entrepreneur and includes investors, partners, customers, and, of course, financial professionals.
6/4/2012 Disaster-proof your Finances
 Natural disasters can strike at any time, in any place. Whether it's an earthquake on the West Coast, tornado in the Midwest, or a hurricane in our own backyard, when nature goes on a rampage, the results can be devastating. In Southwest Louisiana, we’ve had first-hand experience with this reality and have learned the importance of being prepared. Every year when hurricane season begins, a great deal of public attention is directed toward disaster preparedness —keeping extra food, water and emergency supplies on hand; securing your property, and having an evacuation plan in place. But have you also taken steps to survive financially in the event the unexpected occurs?
5/24/2012 Freshman Finance for the College-Bound
 As they receive their diplomas this month, thousands of area high school graduates are already gearing up for college life in the fall. With this next step in the transition to adulthood, comes a real set of real-world responsibilities, and chief among these are finances. If you’re college-bound, you’ve probably already gone through – or soon will -- orientation designed to introduce you to time management skills, dorm life, course requirement, campus layout and more. But in most cases, one of life’s most important lessons – how to manage your money – is left untouched.



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